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    When you are financially strong, you tend to be more dependent as you hire different individuals to serve your needs. Starting from a maid to look after the house to having a driver to ride you to whichever destination you want to reach, you have people to make sure all your requirements are fulfilled. But do you think this dependency is good for you? Of course, it is not in any manner. If, by any chance, you think you must not remain dependent on your driver, connecting with us at Mary Driving School for advanced car driving lessons is the first step you should take towards achieving your objective.

    We Don't Make You Expert Drivers Only

    Many people learn to drive to make sure they independently reach the destination on time. Well, driving is so much more than what it seems to be. When you hold the steering in your hand, you can’t be nervous, careless, casual, and irresponsible. We understand the necessary personality traits that need to be developed and inculcated in a person to make him a driver in the true sense. Our intense driving courses, including motorway training, has been designed such that they instil the values that an individual should possess being a driver.

    After our 1 week driving course, you will find a huge transformation not only in your driving skills but also in your overall personality. You will turn out to be a more confident, more competent, more alert, and more responsible person who knows the complications of rash driving and therefore remain a safe driver on the road.

    Driving Lessons

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    Motorway Course

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    Rent A Car

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    Our Experience Makes Us Accountable

    The first few years of our manual driving school journey marked our focus on only the enhancement of the practical driving skills in the individuals who enrolled in our courses. For us, as a novice, that was the only important thing to emphasise on being a driving school. With the passage of time, however, we realised that there are drivers who have been experts but then their negligence caused severe harm to others as well as them. Hence, our focus no more remained confined to delivering practical lessons but it targeted on enabling individuals to gain some extra personality traits too, which may be lacking.

    Our Specialties

    • One-to-one session
    • ADI-approved instructors
    • DVSA-compliant lessons
    • Tailored package
    • Fix driving centre

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