Be an Efficient Heavy Vehicle Pilot

Among the wide variety of programs that we offer, the HGV driving lessons tend to be more advanced as it requires specific skills to handle the heavy goods vehicles. If you are more than 18-year-old and you want to earn your living by driving a vehicle, you can use our driving lessons to polish your skills and get enrolled to the HGV class 2 training and make sure you become eligible to appear for the driving license test for handling the rigid vehicles on the road.

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The Instructors

Our HGV driving instructor makes sure that you learn the tricks to take care of the trucks and lorry that you are asked to handle. The weight of the vehicle is too much and hence holding the steering is not a joke. The qualification, efficiency, and expertise of our professionals lead to the best training programs that are organised to ensure learners grab all possible skills to become a heavy goods vehicles driver. The driving test for the HGV is different in nature and hence we make sure the skilled set of trainers we provide you are the best source of assistance in making you learn the tricks, rules, and regulations.

The License

Once your instructor and you feel that you have acquired the needed HGV-handling skills, you can appear for the driving test. As you qualify, you are allowed to operate trucks and lorry weighing over 3.5 tonnes. The nature of the test for the HGV license also differs. You need to undergo a special training and complete it successfully. With our instructors, successful completion is guaranteed. Once the special training is done, you need to pass a theory test. As soon as you have the license, you can start working as a professional driver for logistic companies.

To explore more about our HGV driving lessons and the HGV class 2 training cost, you can call us anytime.