Our Motorway Course Helps You Comply With Traffic Rules

Mary Driving School is popular for serving the practical training needs of the driving lesson seekers. Our courses have been designed to make individuals learn to balance between speed and safety. How a little negligence can lead to severe consequences? – This is something we don’t forget to teach them. With our qualified instructors, the practical classes are so organised that they are efficient enough to let individuals handle the steering at every stage of their journey with utmost safety. While the 5 day intensive driving course for beginners assists the budding drivers in getting the hang of the rules, the further motorway training programs and practical classes make them a driving expert in true sense.

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Our Practical Classes

We make sure to design every practical session in a way that it leads to productive output, thereby making learners a bit more patient and slightly more responsible. Our instructors don’t expect a sudden improvement in an individual as they understand very well that it’s a gradual process. But they definitely see to it that with every practical class, the individuals learn something new. We will make you well-equipped with driving during the day as well as night. We take you to both light-traffic areas as well as heavy-traffic areas to check if you have learnt the skills or you have a long way to go. Only when our instructors are confident about the successful completion of the procedure, they send you for the final driving test for license.

Learn Traffic Rules

We all know “Red” means Stop, “Yellow” means Wait/Get Ready, and “Green” means Go. Do you think knowing the meanings is enough to take your cars on the roads? Not really, right. You have to get the hang of each and every aspect of the traffic rules and be efficient enough to follow the rules without fail. It is something that you cannot afford to miss out on. A little mistake or negligence could cause severe accidents and you cannot drive at the cost of someone’s life. With our motorway course, we make sure you never forget any of the traffic regulations you learn. Even in our practical sessions, we assure of training you with the same.

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